Birmingham Scare Gardens

October is always a busy month for the SLLFX team and with that comes our favourite time of year, Halloween!

Immersive events where the team get to let loose with their creativity are what we thrive on. This year we got to work on the fantastic Dr Neriums Garden of Ghouls at Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens. This 10-day event saw 13,000 visitors come along for a 30-minute live-action spooky trail through the gardens.

The trail was based on the story of Dr Nerium and his crazy experiments which led you to six different parts of the gardens where actors were telling their characters stories when meeting visitors. This is where our team came in supplying the venue with atmospheric lighting across the whole garden, with trees and bushes washed in different colours, strategically placed fog machines in specific areas to create low lying fog and atmosphere, also utilising audio triggers and special FX.

In total there were three areas rigged with audio and pre-programmed lighting triggers which were controlled by the actors; these were designed to go off as the visitors reached a certain point for that unexpected scare.

A CO2 cannon placed at the entrance was used at the start of the trail to set the scene. Festoon lighting was hung by the scarecrow area which ran off a timed dimmer pack meaning the lights flickered on and off adding to the creepy feeling. Spooky soundscapes were custom created and used throughout the trail and walkways to mimic natural sounds of the garden alongside haunting cackles, creepy laughter and helpless cries!

All of the products that we used were specially selected for the theme and design of the event. If you’re working on an immersive event and need some creative ideas for AV integration, look no further. Our talented and experienced team can work with you to create something truly memorable. Get in touch for further details!

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