Event Production Perfection – 5 Top Tips for Organising a Wow Event

Whilst event producers may look calm and collected, they’re often compared to swans. Gliding gracefully around, but paddling away under the surface, ensuring that every aspect of their projects are as perfect as they can be!

Event production requires a high level of organisation and an excellent level of attention to detail. It also requires a breadth of experience and covers a diverse range of skills. From initial creative concept to marketing the event and ensuring health and safety requirements are met; organising anything from a charity ball to a 2-day festival takes dedication, time and care to deliver.

Here are our top 5 tips for delivering a successful event:

1. Objectives – It might sound obvious, but setting out your objectives and understanding why your event is taking place is key to the project. Reasons may include brand awareness, promotion of a new product, networking or generating income. Whatever the objective behind your event, it’s important that all aspects of what you’re setting out to do follow suit.

2. Logistics – What supplier elements will you require for your event and whom will you approach in order to obtain them? Do you need caterers, flooring, lighting, audio and visual solutions? List the items that you will require and plot them into a time plan with costs allocated to each. This way, you’ll ensure that all of the components making up your event will be delivered on time and within budget.

3. Marketing – Within your plan, you should also include details of how you propose to market your event. There are many promotional tools available that you can use to promote what you’re doing. Free tools include social media and certain email marketing platforms (MailChimp offers a free package that includes design and broadcasting for example). It may be that you have the budget to allocate to a design agency that can work on drawing up creative elements for you such as flyers or direct mail pieces.

4. People – It goes without saying that the people you employ to work with you need to be trustworthy and highly skilled. Particularly where the timely delivery of a project is concerned, the people working at an event are instrumental to its success. From the staff on the day to caterers or volunteers; hand-picking your team based on your experience with them, or that of someone you trust, can go a long way to ensuring you have the right people around you for the job.

5. Important Details – Health and safety at larger events are paramount. If you’re planning on producing an event where hundreds of people will be attending as opposed to 20, the rules and regulations to allow you to do this must be identified and adhered to. Will you need a late night license? Door staff? Details like these are critical and will ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day.

With nearly 30 years experience under our belts, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about producing an event. We hope you find these tips useful, but if you do want to talk to us further about an event your planning and how we can help you, call Pete Goulding on 07979 514570.

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