Pioneer DJM-V10 DJ Mixer – A Deeper Look




A deeper look into the Pioneer DJM-V10 6 channel DJ Mixer.

A mixer is possibly the most important link between the DJ and the crowd. A club sound system is only as good as the mixer. If you have a Rolls Royce system and an Austin Metro mixer, the output is going sound as nice as hearing nails across a chalkboard.

Pushing Boundaries

Pioneer have been at the forefront of DJ technology for decades now, innovating at every step of the way. Their flagship mixers over the past few incarnations have been heavy on features and effects but not as sharp as their competitors in the quality department. The Allen & Heath Xone 96 recently upped the stakes with the quality of the filters and EQ, something that was seriously lacking on Pioneer’s mixers. Having a full pan-pot range when filtering rather than half range can make a hell of a difference. It looks like they have fixed this and gone one step further.

The announcement of the DJM-V10 has come out of nowhere, one can only presume that with the price point it will run alongside the DJM-900NXS2. The V10 introduces a 4 band EQ section that Pioneer claim has been developed for sound sculpting, allowing you to isolate certain sections of tracks to create something more unique than you would have been able to previously.

I personally think that the dedicated filter section on each channel (including the master) is something that will elevate the DJM-V10 into legendary status. The DJM-900NXS2 has the filter as a beatfx section that felt a bit gimmicky, unable to combine a filter with say ‘Dub Echo’. The V10 has the dedicated filter with resonance control as well as the beatfx section. The inclusion of an EQ section on the booth output is also an welcome addition, allowing you to not be overwhelmed by bass mid-mix. This gives you much more control over what you hear.


Easy B2B Sessions

Ever gone back to back with someone and hate having to either use their headphones or keep swapping them out? The V10 eliminates this problem with a second headphone input control, allowing you to monitor between cue and master channels.

Digital & Analogue

When combining digital tracks from a CDJ with analogue tracks from a turntable (especially older recordings) there tends to be a big difference in dynamics and overall volume. This can lead to energy drops on the dance floor. The DJM-V10 has a ‘compressor’ feature on all 6 channels which acts like a volume attenuator, bringing the older, quieter tracks up to the same level as your digital ones without having to ramp up the actual channel gain.


Where the DJM-V10 will come into it’s own will be the send and return routing. 2 of the 6 channels can turn into send & returns, allowing you to dive right in with external effects units such as delay pedals, phasers, synthesizers and more. Coupled with the midi output you can be confident that even when using external machines, nothing will go out of time, keeping everything sounding tighter than a duck’s backside!


For all your livestreams and set recordings, the USB multi I/O is compatible with the Pioneer app DJM-REC, a stupidly easy tool for sharing to youtube, facebook, soundcloud and any other niche social media platform you may use to share your creations.

The V10 looks like it will fill the gap between the features of the 900NXS2 and quality of the Xone 96. It has some incredible added functions that will allow the DJ to separate themselves from the myriad of other DJ’s out there. These features will give the user creative freedom and blur the lines between DJ mixer, instrument & studio mixer.

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