Spitalfields Market

A recent winter outdoor advertising campaign took us to Spitalfields Market in London.  We supplied C Screens with a semi-permanent 5.5m x 2.5m structure for four weeks, using 32 panels of our outdoor p6 LED screen to show advertisements, films and more. The structure was built over the course of one day using our Milos M290HD truss for the goal post which the screen was rigged up to using black spansets and 1 ton rated shackles. The back of the screen was then fully cladded so that there was a safe, dry place to store the Novastar VX4S processors and servers from which the data ran. The front was also branded with the Spitalfields logo to hide some rigging and chain blocks, completing the overall look and giving it a professional finish. Not only did we supply the LED screen but more importantly the sound giving the screen much more impact. Identifying that the winter weather conditions could affect the products that we used, we opted for the obvious choice of outdoor IP rated 1000w active PA speakers giving the perfect amount of sound for the surrounding area. Spitalfields London 4 Alongside this, we also supplied a Mackie Mix12fx mixer to mix the audio between different source inputs. It’s safe to say we had a fair amount of bad weather and plenty of rain during the four weeks in which our screen was installed, but the installation ran smoothly and without any hitches, making an outdoor screen such a worthwhile investment for the client. The reach a big screen can have for businesses looking to advertise is vast, not to mention the marketing impact when placed in areas where there is high traffic footfall. If you have an advertising campaign and would like more information on how outdoor media can help, please contact us. Spitalfields London 3

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