House of the Dead

Working on a fully immersive experience is always a challenge and always fun.  House of the Dead commissioned us to work with them on two special Halloween projects in October 2016. The production results were really quite something.

Held at The Printworks in Manchester and Bluewater Shopping Centre in Leeds, the events required special FX, lighting, and sound.  This created a Halloween experience like no other!

House of the Dead visitors

Our ideas were key to this project.  Our experience and guidance saw the client looking at the production of the event in a different way.

Lighting was an integral part of the set up which included flickering festoon lights controlled via dimmer packs.  This helped us to create a spooky broken light effect.  We installed Pur 64’s washed with various coloured gels to create different moods.   The gels were selected to match the themes of each section of the experience.  The sections included a graveyard, military hospital, and study amongst others.  ETC Source 4’s fitted with custom created gobos produced the look of cobbled streets.  The gobo’s also projected the look of winter leaves on the ground.

House of the Dead

Sound bites were used for creepy effects including wind and voices.  Low lying fog was also used in various locations.  All lighting aspects were controlled by DMX recorders, which meant that the lighting could be preprogrammed to run in a certain way without needing an operator.

This was a fantastic project to work on, and certainly got our creative juices flowing!  The client was so pleased with the results that they’ve booked SLLFX to work exclusively with them on their future events.  Contact us to discuss your next project.

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