Peaky Blinders Festival

September 2018 saw SLLFX installing a whole host of sound, lighting and special FX for a fully immersive two day Peaky Blinders event in Digbeth, Birmingham, taking over the 119 and Boxxed venues. Actors and performers immersed themselves into the crowd creating scenarios leaving them wondering if what they’d just witnessed was real or not, adding to the whole experience. The venues were broken down into two main bar areas, a magicians performance theatre, market street and street food stalls alongside a vintage fairground ride outdoors.

On entrance to the event, guests found themselves entering the main bar area greeted by the sounds of live bands and singers through the RCF line array we supplied consisting of 12 active line array modules and four dual 18inch active subs. The main stage was fitted with Chauvet R2 washes, Martin M4 beams, Par 56’s and Source 4’s, all of which were controlled by the Avolites lighting desk. The Allen & Heath mixing desk was used for perfect sound control for every artist performing. We also supplied Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS2 and a DJM 900 NXS2 mixer for the DJ sets.

As you left the main area, you were met by Market Street which hosted stalls selling handcrafted goods, tarot card readers and a barber providing guests with authentic 1920’s cuts and styles.

From Market Street was a walkthrough filled with low lying fog and the warm orangey hues reminiscent of 1920’s street lighting which was created by strategically placed Showtec pixel bars in amongst the mist which was cast using a Martin Glaciator. At night this walkway came alive with actors hanging around in the murky fog trying to lure guests into dirty deals!

At the end of the walkway was the magician’s performance theatre which was a small and intimate room draped with star cloth where a magician walked around performing magic up close and personal with the audience wearing a Sennheiser head mic to keep his hands free to perform showstopping magic.

Step out of the performance theatre to a range of street food stalls serving all kinds of delights and a vintage Ferris wheel for those who enjoy the thrill of the funfair. Outdoors was set up under the arches so to highlight the archways once the sun had gone down we used two Studio Dues alongside some outdoor weatherproof searchlights controlled by a DMX Recorder.

Follow the path through the crowd to the second bar area which was styled as a pub with traditional 20’s decor and a boxing ring used to host the entertainment in this area. There were several performers including a boxing show, an escape artist, contortionist, a Peaky Blinders based quiz, bingo and much more. In this room, we used 2 Martin Audio twin subs, and 2 Martin Audio Blackline tops, both controlled by an Allen & Heath mixing desk. The performers used a combination of head mics and wireless mics dependant on their act and what worked best for them. Two Source 4 Juniors were used to create the ambient light for the entertainers in the boxing ring alongside 4 Chauvet R2 washes.

Immersive experiences are tremendous fun to work on, not only have we got the products to make your immersive event a success, but we also have the creative talent to make it sing. Contact us today to discuss what SLLFX can do for you.

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