4 AV Technology Trends to Watch

Factually, technology is THE most changeable and fast-paced industry globally. With entirely new products and innovations taking the marketplace by storm every day, it’s vital that as a supplier or someone that works within the industry, you have an understanding of what your customers and prospects are looking for, and what will make the most impact at events.

With today’s consumer becoming evermore technology savvy, the need for AV and events professionals to move with the times and the pace of this fluid landscape has never been greater. With this in mind, this months blog takes a look at 4 AV technology trends to watch for the remainder of 2018 and into 2019.

1 – Social Media Integration and Live Streaming

The use of social media at events is becoming something of a standard. From exhibitions and conferences to festivals and promotions; events of all kinds are harnessing the power of social not just from a marketing perspective pre and post event, but actually at events themselves.

Instagram frames, Twitter walls and event hashtags are just some of how the industry has utilised social to drive brand awareness and engagement. However, the trend this year has been all about creating live or time-sensitive content that online communities can engage with no matter where they are in the world.

Live streaming can open up your event to a vast, untapped audience and help increase the impact of live experiences. Twitter walls and similar mainly use user-generated content to promote brands and the feelings of their customers to others. Instagram frames and other props can be photographed on-site at events and shared on social, again adding a more immersive, 360° experience for event attendees. Furthermore, the great thing about social is that it’s an easily reportable marketing form, meaning that including its use at events will allow you to monitor success, engagement and how you can tweak your social integration strategy moving forwards.

2 – Using LED for Creative Exhibition Designs

The exhibition industry is booming and is showing no signs of slowing down. 64% of survey participants in the UFI Global Exhibition Barometer Survey reported that they had added digital services and products around existing exhibitions, including the use of digital displays and signage. If you go to any large-scale exhibition or conference, you’ll see that the days of the pop-up banner are pretty much dusted. Digital design is where it’s at, and the possibilities for design when using LED screens, in particular, are immense.

Throughout 2018, we saw a significant increase from customers in the exhibition and conference space wanting to utilise LED screens for exhibition stand build, displays or even more immersive builds like entrance walkways.

LED screens not only look contemporary and captivate an audience, the great thing about them is they can be programmed to feature any video, message or branding a customer would want. Not only this, content can be pre-recorded, or mixed live at events, meaning that the design and content on the screens can be changed at the push of a button, as and when needed.

3 – Integrating AV

While traditional print and graphics are still very prevalent, a vast range of sectors, brands and companies have leapt from using static graphics by using a variety of AV products, from permanent LED screen installations to touchscreens and more.

The switch to digital is enabling businesses and brands to promote products, services and messaging in a modern and dynamic way, making their offering more captivating and enticing to consumers. This move hasn’t just hit businesses from an outside marketing perspective, the use of LED and more modern AV solutions can be found in office spaces, conference and exhibition centres across the UK and globally.

Audio plays a huge part in the customer experience, and in the retail and consumer marketplace for that matter. Using quality audio can encourage purchases, change moods, create atmosphere and more. Overall, integrating AV into workspaces and public places can have a dramatic and lasting effect on people’s perception of a brand and the experience they had with it personally.

4 – Marketing Experiences

Much like technology, the marketing sector is incredibly fast-paced, no sooner does one trend emerge, there is another to take its place a day later.

A key trend throughout the marketing and event technology landscape is to allow consumers to feel a greater sense of ‘experience’ when coming across brands or attending exhibitions and events. Experiential marketing is a huge part of some of the world’s leading brands marketing strategies.

But this doesn’t just lie with good videos on social and an interactive website; consumers want the brands they engage with to be within reach. The great thing about events is they provide brands with the opportunity to do just that; connect with their audience on another level by giving them something that they may not have seen or felt before.

Using AV technology to create sights, sounds and effects at events, all in tune with a brand or theme is the ideal way to create a memorable marketing experience among consumers that will be talked about for months to come.

SLLFX are proud to work alongside some genuinely incredible brands to create meaningful and unforgettable event experiences. If you’re looking to integrate AV as part of your 2019 marketing or event strategy, talk to a member of the team today about how we can help do just that.

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